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The Citizens' Association includes Carderock residents from over 400 homes which were built in the 1960's style of situated modernism where the natural landscape dominates the built environment. 

Every lot in Carderock Springs is subject to legally binding covenants running with the land.  One purpose of these covenants is to maintain the community's architectural integrity.

Various committees include the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), which reviews additions and exterior modifications to homes in the community such as fencing, sheds, exterior color schemes, and live hardwood tree removal.  The ARC meets monthly on the first Wednesday of the month.

The Board of Directors also meets monthly to plan and discuss community activities such as the upkeep of common areas, production of the neighborhood newsletters and directory, annual house tour, and the needs of various groups in the community. 

50th Anniversary Celebration

Edmund Bennett designed and built Carderock Springs in the 1960's.  In 2009 the neighborhood was officially listed on the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places.  Carderock Springs was chosen as a prime example of situated modernism where houses complement and blend in with the natural landscape.

The nomination process began in 2004 when the Maryland Historic Trust (MHT) asked two University of Maryland professors to document "modernism" in Montgomery County, Maryland.  Their 2005 report formed the basis for the nomination; since then, the MHT has worked to further document the nomination.

Inclusion in the National Register is an honor for the community; it does not place any constraints on actions owners may wish to take to alter their homes.  Carderock's covenants requiring ARC approval remain the means for preserving the architectural integrity of the community.  The Carderock Springs Design Guidelines assist homeowners and their design team in making decisions that facilitate the design process.

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